About us

MAN Investment LTD Investment and Immigration Consulting Company

Immigration, investment, travel and education in Northern Cyprus are topics that we have sufficient expertise to provide services in this field. Therefore, considering our many years of history and hoping to pave this tortuous path, we have set foot on this path. We give you expert guidance on migrating to Northern Cyprus.

لوگو شرکت Man Investment

About us

MAN-investment LTD consultancy, which launched and registered in Cyprus North, operates mainly, in the domain of investment and immigration consultancy affairs, under official registration number. The consultancy CEO of the company is Engineer, Mr Mehdi Asadinejad who nominated as the optimal manager of the year, in 1993 and 1995 in his birth country “Iran” in the field of construction, operation with specific specialization in operation of successful commercial sites. He also, is the official member of the “Iranian intelligent brains’ management club”.

MAN- investment LTD, with the slogan of integrity, authenticity, and acceleratory action, intends to cater decently proper counselling services to those who intend to immigrate and invest in order to create a better life for themselves and the generations after them.

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