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Study stay in Cyprus

Why Northern Cyprus Universities? Teaching in English and everything you need to know ...

Company registration

Register a company, pay insurance and taxes and stay in Cyprus forever ...

Investment in Cyprus

Why offer Cyprus for investment? What you need to know ...

Special services of my company Investment

Free consultancy

We are always accessible from 8:00 AM to 20:00 pm to assist you with free advice and consultation on how to stay and enjoy your sojourn in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus

Investment in Cyprus

Our advisory proposals and recommendations for investment in Northern Cyprus are budget-friendly. We indeed, propose the best offers in different sites of this exotic Island, based on your economic affordability and financial purchasing power.

Investing &purchasing properties

Here, are all the tips, advisory recommendations and necessary guidelines you require to learn, in regard to investing in The Real Estate.

Procurement of student visa for Education purposes

Northern Cyprus is an ideal target for education purposes due to pursuit of standardized European Education system, affordable tuition fees, pleasant weather and its location which is at the proximity to Iran.

Firms registration in Cyprus

Foreign investors, entertain North Cyprus as an appealing destination to launch their billion-dollars enterprises. Hence, our job is to take care of your residency permit while assisting you how to register your company enterprise on this beautiful land.

What makes us different from our competitors in the market

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers through establishing a win-win trustworthy relationship with them. In fact, we sacrifice our resources for your pleasure and solace, aid you to get your accommodation as swiftly as possible, without any hitch or concern.

Residential projects for investment in Northern Cyprus

We are with you

About MAN Investment LTD Company

MAN Investment LTD

MAN-investment LTD consultancy, which launched and registered in Cyprus North, operates mainly, in the domain of investment and immigration consultancy affairs, under official registration number. MAN- investment LTD, with the slogan of integrity, authenticity, and acceleratory action, intends to cater decently proper counselling services to those who intend to immigrate and invest in order to create a better life for themselves and the generations after them.

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Immigration is not travel ... Be more careful in choosing a consultant
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