Everything you need to know about study in Northern Cyprus!

study in Northern Cyprus

♦ Public schools:

It is possible for Cypriots or foreigners who reside in Northern Cyprus to study in these schools from preschool to the end of upper secondary school without paying tuition fees.

The language of education in these schools is Turkish. English will be taught as part of the courses. French or German language will be taught by the student’s choice from secondary school (middle school)  as part of the courses.

♦ Private schools or private colleges:

Private colleges can be studied from preschool to upper secondary school. Primary school doesn’t require a test. But entering secondary school is required to pass the entrance exam.

In addition to passing the test, tuition fees must also be paid. Tuition fee in the academic year 2021_2022 for preschool is about 21000 TL, elementary school is 24000 TL, high school is 27000 TL and senior high school is about 30000 TL.

The language of education at private colleges is English, but German or French languages can be the choices of high school students that will be taught as their courses.

Entrance exam questions are including: Turkish courses, science, general knowledge, mathematics and English.

♦ Public Colleges: (Maarif Colleges)

Public colleges are only for high schools and upper secondary schools. After completing primary school (the end of the fifth grade), an entrance exam will be held and those who pass the entrance exam can study at public colleges without paying tuition fees, and these colleges are intended for Cypriots or foreigners residing in Northern Cyprus. The language of education in the public colleges is English, and the German or French language are taught as part of the courses. The entrance exam includes mathematics , Turkish, and English courses. Those students who couldn’t pass the entrance exam for any reason, but who are intelligent and highly graded, after finishing secondary education, can study in Turkish without paying tuition fees at fen lisesi or anadolu academic schools. study in Northern Cyprus is very good.

Fields of Study in High Schools in Cyprus (Upper high School Students)

The first group, includes classical studies.

The second group consists of mathematics, physics and chemistry courses.

The third group consists of two departments of mathematics and economics.

The fourth group includes training in employee skills and accounting.

Group 5, which includes foreign languages and social studies courses.

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