Where is Northern Cyprus?

This beautiful island, a bright spot next to the calm waters of the Mediterranean, invites you to a wonderful and pleasant journey. This land is so inviting and kind that it welcomes every traveler in its warm arms.

Historical cities such as Nicosia and Famagusta, with their quiet streets and houses that tell the story of the past, open up stories of greatness and beauty. St. Hilarion Castle, with a view of the city of Famagusta from a height, takes you on a journey through time and space.

The beaches of Kyrenia, with their turquoise waters and soft sand, bring you a blossoming of intimacy and peace, like a kind embrace. The mountains of Chios, with their colorful flowers and winding paths, invite an intimate and wonderful adventure.

Local dishes such as shish kebab and chelik meatballs, with special and pleasant flavors, become the strength of a memorable trip. Warm and hospitable people, with a friendly smile, will make the feeling of being with you unforgettable.

Northern Cyprus offers you an experience with a magical combination of history, culture and natural beauty

Gives moments of life.
This journey, not only in the body, but also in the soul, is one of the art and charm of life.

Northern Cyprus

Travel to Northern Cyprus

This beautiful island stands out like a shining gem in the azure waters of the Mediterranean. An island with golden sand beaches, rich history, and warm-hearted people that fascinates every tourist. It is as if the sun shines more on this island and the cool sea breeze caresses your soul and life.

Step into history and visit the ancient ruins of Salamis and medieval castles. Walk through the alleys of the old town of Kyrenia and enjoy the Ottoman and Greek architecture. The pristine nature of Northern Cyprus will enchant you. Hike in the Troodos Mountains and relax on the crystal beaches of Famagusta.

Try new flavors. Cypriot cuisine is a combination of Turkish, Greek, and Arabic flavors that will satisfy any taste. From delicious kebabs and traditional meatballs to fresh seafood and delectable desserts, the food variety on this island is amazing.

Travel to Northern Cyprus It will be an unforgettable experience. A combination of history, nature, and culture that will make happy memories for you.

Migration to Northern Cyprus

Migration to Northern Cyprus، It is an open window to a world of historical secrets, unforgettable nature manifestations and cultural diversity Traveling to this land gives you the opportunity to participate in the beginning of a new story of the intersection of the past and the future. Enticing beaches and streets full of mystery and light turn life into a fascinating art. This migration is not only a change of location, but a magical journey into a world of experiences that will draw your heart and mind into a new harmony of beauty and wonder. Are you ready for the challenge of accepting the hidden beauty of this land?Migration to Northern Cyprus

Buying property in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has beautiful and luxurious houses. The best real estate companies in the world have branches in this beautiful country and are building the best properties. Buying a property in North Cyprus can be a good opportunity for your investment.

The property in this beautiful island is very high quality and resistant, and the most up-to-date house building technologies in the world are used in these properties. These properties are equal to European houses in terms of quality and are lower than them in terms of price.

خرید ملک در قبرس شمالی

Investment in Northern Cyprus

سرمایه گذاری در قبرس شمالی

Investing in North Cyprus becomes a fascinating journey into a world of profitable opportunities and economic development. With its modern infrastructure, stunning nature, and vibrant culture, this region offers endless opportunities for investment.

From buying property in strategic locations to starting new businesses, this magical island has become a popular area for investors with affordable exchange rates and high growth potential. This is where different fields come together and every investor will witness a unique story of growth and success.

Company registration in Northern Cyprus

Registering a company in this dream island is one of the most reliable ways to invest in this country. The favorable taxation in this country has made it an attractive destination for foreign investors.

Registering a company in North Cyprus is one of the common methods that many choose to immigrate to this country and invest. It can be said that one of the most reliable and profitable investment methods is company registration. Especially for those who have a suitable business plan and intend to stay temporarily in this country.

ثبت شرکت در قبرس شمالی

Studying in Northern Cyprus

شرایط تحصیل در قبرس شمالی

Studying in the heart of prominent universities with inclusive academic conditions offers a unique educational experience. With extensive study programs in various fields from technology and science to management, students benefit from global thinking. Studying in North Cyprus can be a bridge to your success.

Appropriate educational conditions with reasonable costs make it possible to provide a learning and energetic environment. Accompanied by expert professors and a modern learning environment, students in North Cyprus seek to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for their professional flourishing.

Work in Northern Cyprus

With its unique advantages, Northern Cyprus is an abundant destination for work and life. This land has a rich cultural and historical context that makes the experience of working in it unique.

Working conditions in Northern Cyprus are a combination of fair labor rights and modern facilities that make employees feel valued and respected. The government’s support system and friendly work environment are very favorable for career development and acquiring new skills.

شرایط کار در قبرس شمالی

Cost of living in Northern Cyprus

راهنمای جامع هزینه های زندگی در قبرس شمالی

The cost of living in North Cyprus is always considered as a golden code. In this stunning land, living with friendly and dynamic prices brings a fascinating adventure of everyday life. With unique cultural values and abundant nature, every moment of life here becomes an amazing curiosity.

Economical services with reasonable costs allow people to experience comfort and pleasure. Therefore, North Cyprus is an invitation to embark on an all-encompassing adventure in a world of beauty and abundance, with reasonable costs.

Stay in Northern Cyprus

The conditions for obtaining a residence in North Cyprus can turn your imagination and dreams of an ideal life into reality. This great country provides the opportunity to acquire residence in this country through education, work, investment or as a family.

In addition to offering many opportunities for investors, Northern Cyprus offers bright prospects for those looking to migrate.

شرایط اخذ اقامت قبرس شمالی

Residence in Northern Cyprus through the purchase of property

اقامت قبرس شمالی با خرید ملک

Staying in this way offers an exceptional opportunity to start a new life with unique opportunities in different fields.

Acquiring residence in North Cyprus by purchasing property is a unique opportunity to achieve a better life and new opportunities. By following the mentioned steps, you can easily secure your permanent residence in this area and take advantage of all its benefits.

Iranians of Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is one of the countries where Iranians can migrate easily and as quickly as possible. For this reason, a large number of Iranians go to this country every year. This island has extraordinary charm and beauty and the people who live there can benefit from the natural scenery.

It is interesting to know that many Iranians in North Cyprus have started many businesses and have been able to be very successful in their work. Iranians in Northern Cyprus have a strong sense of identity and culture. which preserve it in different ways.

Iranian society traditional Iranian events such as Iranian New Year They celebrate Nowruz. which is celebrated in March. They organize events and cultural gatherings to celebrate the occasion with traditional food and music.

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