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Frequently asked questions about Northern Cyprus

Frequent questions of users and customers

1- Does your company have a free tour?Free tour of Northern Cyprus (exceptional opportunity)

Yes. Regarding the frequently asked questions about North Cyprus, we can say that our company has free tours of 3 to 6 days to visit projects and companies in North Cyprus.

2- Is it necessary to make a purchase to benefit from the free tour?

The invitation that we issue to you is a business invitation, if for any reason the purchase does not happen, you will benefit from our tour for free for 3 days and you will not pay for the 3 days stay.

3- How can we get a visa to visit North Cyprus?

3- How can we get a visa to visit North Cyprus?

4- Can you announce the beginning of real estate prices in North Cyprus?

3- How can we get a visa to visit North Cyprus?

5- According to the sanctions, how will the required amount be transferred to North Cyprus after the purchase?

The required amounts will be deposited directly into the accounts of the manufacturing companies through approved exchanges.

6- Can you explain the process of buying a property?

There will be 2 purchasing methods, firstly, in person, in this method, after initial negotiations and receiving all the necessary explanations and advices, you will prepare the plane ticket in coordination with us, and after sending the picture of the ticket, our company will issue an invitation. makes it official and you will go to North Cyprus with that invitation and you will be our guest for 3-6 days, after visiting the projects and liking it, you will buy the property.

The next method is to buy online. that after receiving all the descriptions of all the projects in question, we will select them according to your budget, and all the steps of choosing and buying the property will be carried out with you in a completely live manner. And we will do our best for the best choices and win your trust.

7- Are properties in North Cyprus sold in cash or in installments?

Properties in North Cyprus are sold in cash and installments.

8- With how much capital can we immigrate to North Cyprus?

The required capital depends directly on the number of members in your family, the amount of capital varies from case to case, and this issue will be fully explained and estimated in exclusive free consultations.

9- Where should we start to get residency?

After buying the property, we will start all the administrative work for your migration to North Cyprus and we can get your residence in about 25-30 working days.

10- Where is North Cyprus exactly?

The island of Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is located between the three continents of Africa, Europe and Asia.

11- In terms of security, what is the level of Northern Cyprus?

One of the types of questions and answers about North Cyprus is the same question. In the answer, we say that the entire island of Cyprus has been selected as the fifth safest country in the world and the first safest island in the world in 2020.

12- What is the common currency of Northern Cyprus?

Transaction currency in buying and selling real estate, cars, rent is in British pound and other living expenses are done in Lira.

13- What is the language and dialect in Northern Cyprus?

Turkish Cypriot language and English are among the official languages of this country.

14- Is North Cyprus suitable for education?

One of the types of frequently asked questions about North Cyprus is the same repeated question. In response to this repeated question, we say that there are 8 reputable and good universities in Northern Cyprus, and at least 2 of these universities are among the world rankings and are valid. This country can be a launching pad for you.

15- What are the expenses and costs of living in North Cyprus?

On average, the cost of living in North Cyprus normally for each person is about 1500-2000 lira per month, although the cost of installments is not included in this amount considering that it is in pounds.

16- Is there a direct flight to North Cyprus and how long does it take?

Yes, there is a direct flight to North Cyprus in such a way that the flight card is issued in Iran, but your flight will be changed in Turkey and basically your flight is considered transit and the total of your 2 flights is about 5.30 minutes.

17- Is there a person limit for free tours and visiting projects?

To use the free tour and visit the projects, the number of people depends on the property you need. In general, we will usually host your main family.

18- Why do you recommend buying a property in North Cyprus?

At present, if we look at the story realistically, there are no such ideal conditions for investment and immigration anywhere in the world, by paying 30% of the value of the property, you become the owner of the property and stay, and the rest of the amount is paid in You pay interest-free long-term installments and the desired property is transferred to your name with the same initial 30%.

There is no need to provide a language certificate and a guarantor, and most importantly, you will be able to stay in this country in just 25 working days.

19- How much are the side costs of obtaining residence?

After buying a property, you have to pay 5% property tax (only once in the entire history of that property), which is half percent at the beginning and four and a half percent one year after handing over the keys, about 3% value added tax and a maximum amount of about You have to spend 500 dollars to get a residence.

20- Is it possible to obtain permanent residence?

Another type of question and answer about North Cyprus is the same question, in answer to which we say, the conditions for obtaining permanent residence are different from temporary residence, it is possible provided that the conditions exist for you.

21- Is the property deed transferred to the name of the buyer?

Yes, if the property is purchased in cash and the desired property has a title deed, yes, the deed is called, and if the purchased property has installments, the deed will be prepared, but it will not be delivered to you until the end of the installments.

22- How long does it take to buy a property in North Cyprus?

All the work of buying a property in Northern Cyprus will be completed in 3 working days at most.

23- Where is your suggestion for investing and living in North Cyprus?

Currently, the Long Beach area of the harbor city is developing and is the best place to invest in North Cyprus and have a quality life. We have provided the answer to one of the frequently asked questions of North Cyprus for you.

24- Is real estate growing in North Cyprus?

The growth of real estate depends on many parameters, but in general, if the desired property is bought at the right time, right place, right floor with right view and at the right price, it will definitely increase and grow.

25- Is it possible to travel to Europe, America, etc. if you obtain a residence permit in North Cyprus?

Traveling to other countries is an issue outside of the discussion of residence in North Cyprus, your eligibility to obtain the desired visa depends on providing the necessary documents, but in general, due to the small population in this country, the procedures may be done more easily.

26- What are the inheritance laws in North Cyprus?

Inheritance laws are such that if a person dies, all his assets and property will go to his legal heirs, and the first-class family can obtain residency in their name, and all the assets will be divided between them according to the law. This question is also frequently asked about the question and answer about North Cyprus.

27- Is it possible for a person who enters North Cyprus to obtain residence by buying a property to leave?

It is usually said that the process of obtaining residence is a 25-30-day process, and during these 25 days, tasks such as signing the contract, paying the tax of the purchased property, visiting the Tepo office to register the contract.

In the name of the buyer, refer to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to obtain the decision of the Council of Ministers to extract a single-page document and at the same time complete the online process of obtaining residence, refer to the police department, open a bank account, deposit the insurance premium and finally perform tests related to AIDS. and tuberculosis and hepatitis.

And immediately after the test results are prepared, if necessary, the buyer can leave the territory of North Cyprus and continue the process online until she receives her residence card.

28- If a person has a child in North Cyprus, will she receive a Cypriot passport?

No, when a child is granted a passport if the child’s parents are passport holders of the country in question. Otherwise, necessary measures will be taken through the Iranian consulate to obtain an Iranian passport for the newborn child.

29- Do we not have the right to sell the property for how many years in Cyprus?

No! There is no such law. If the property you have purchased does not have bank installments or does not have a debt to the construction company, you can sell your property at any time.

30- Can I enter North Cyprus with a work visa?

The probability of obtaining a work visa from inside Iran without previous presence in North Cyprus is very low, unless you have a specialty that requires your expertise.

31- Can I bring my family with me if I get a work visa?

no! In this case, at least one year must have passed since your visa to be able to bring your family to North Cyprus with your own visa, and to bring your family, you must use other methods to obtain residence.

32- Is it complicated to register a company in North Cyprus?

No – Company registration in North Cyprus is generally simple and fast. The company registration process is very short and provides many facilities for investors.

33- Are labor and investment laws in North Cyprus consistent with international standards?

Yes, labor and investment laws in North Cyprus are consistent with international standards and are very stable legally and financially.

34- Is the Turkish language necessary for business in Northern Cyprus?

Turkish is the official language of Northern Cyprus and mastering it can help you interact effectively with the local community and do business successfully. However, in some industries and business environments, English is also used as a language of communication.

35-Is North Cyprus suitable for business in the tourism industry?

Yes, Northern Cyprus is an attractive destination for the tourism industry with its beautiful natural scenery, rich history and culture, and suitable tourism facilities. The increase in the number of tourists in this area has created many opportunities for businesses related to the tourism industry.

36-Is it easy to access foreign markets in North Cyprus?

With strong international connections and government support, access to foreign markets is simple in Northern Cyprus. Despite its strategic location in the Middle East, North Cyprus is a commercial bridge between Europe and Central Asia.

37-Do you need special permits to establish a business in North Cyprus?

Yes, after registering the company, each job needs a license according to its nature.

38-Does the North Cyprus government support businesses through financial incentives?

Yes, the government provides financial assistance, but it may consider tax exemptions in some businesses.

39-Is the Persian language known in North Cyprus?

Yes, the government provides financial assistance, but it may consider tax exemptions in some businesses.

40- What strategies do you suggest for marketing and advertising in North Cyprus?

Usually on Facebook and social networks.

41- Are professional advice and financial assistance useful in creating a business?

Yes, consulting is always one of the most important points in creating a business.

42-Do I need to register a company to start doing business with North Cyprus?

Yes, to export and import to North Cyprus you need to register a company in this country.

43- Are the import and export laws and regulations complicated in North Cyprus?

Import and export laws and regulations in Northern Cyprus can be complex. To be successful in this activity, you must familiarize yourself with the relevant laws and take the necessary actions.

44- What recommendations are there for managing export and import challenges?

To manage the challenges of exporting and importing to North Cyprus, you need to consider things like establishing effective business relationships, using support services, and studying the market and existing competition.

45- Can I work in different fields in North Cyprus?

Yes, North Cyprus offers a variety of opportunities for activities in different fields, considering the potential of tourism, agriculture, and handicrafts.

46- Are tours in North Cyprus safe in 2024?

Yes, North Cyprus tours in 2024 are organized with proper security measures and you can travel with complete confidence.

47-Do the tours allow me to connect with other travelers?

Yes, you can communicate with other travelers during the tour and share your experiences with them.

48- Will using North Cyprus tours in 2024 save money?

Yes, Northern Cyprus tours come with discounted packages that include accommodation, transfers and airfare. This allows you to experience an enjoyable trip at a lower cost.

49- What are the main challenges of the North Cyprus economy?

Trade restrictions with other countries are among the main challenges of the economy of Northern Cyprus. There is a need to resolve these issues and develop international relations to deal with these challenges.

50-Is the economy of Northern Cyprus diverse?

Yes, the economy of Northern Cyprus has a diversity of economic sectors. Manufacturing industries, service sector and tourism are among the important and diversifying sectors that exist in the economy of North Cyprus.

51- Is North Cyprus a popular tourist destination?

Yes, North Cyprus is known as a popular tourist destination. Beautiful nature, history and culture, beautiful beaches and diverse tourism services attract many visitors to this region.

52- Is Northern Cyprus a safe area for investment?

Another common question about North Cyprus is the same question. In the answer, we will say yes, North Cyprus is an independent and island part that is administered separately from South Cyprus.

53-Is Northern Cyprus an independent country?

Another common question about North Cyprus is the same question. In the answer, we will say yes, North Cyprus is an independent and island part that is administered separately from South Cyprus.

54- Is tourism growing in North Cyprus?

Yes, the tourism industry in North Cyprus is growing and the number of foreign and domestic tourists is increasing.

55-Are the costs lower in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, Northern Cyprus has lower costs than many European countries, including the cost of housing and the cost of living

56-Does North Cyprus have strong commercial markets?

Inheritance laws are such that if a person dies, all his assets and property will go to his legal heirs, and the first-class family can obtain residency in their name, and all the assets will be divided between them according to the law.

57-Is North Cyprus suitable for starting a business?

With favorable legislation and an advanced financial system, Northern Cyprus has become a good place to start a business and provides good opportunities for businesses.

58-Does North Cyprus have important natural resources?

Yes, Northern Cyprus has important natural resources, including copper and iron ore mines, which contribute to the economic development of this region.

59- Are there job opportunities in North Cyprus?

Yes, the development of tourism, the construction industry and other economic sectors in Northern Cyprus have created many job opportunities.

60-Is the cost of living in North Cyprus reasonable?

Yes, the cost of living in Northern Cyprus is generally lower than in many European countries, which helps investors and tourists to operate at a lower cost.

61-Are investment rules important in North Cyprus?

Another frequently asked question about North Cyprus is the same question that we will answer for you dear ones – yes, the flexible and friendly investment laws in North Cyprus attract investors to this region and provide many opportunities for business development and investment.

62- Is North Cyprus suitable as a tourist destination?

Yes, North Cyprus is an attractive and suitable tourist destination with its natural, historical and cultural attractions.

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