About MAN, immigration, investment, travel and study in North Cyprus are the subjects that we have the necessary and sufficient expertise to provide services in this field. Therefore, according to our many years of history and with the hope of smoothing this winding path, we have taken a step in this direction. We give you expert guidance on immigration to Northern Cyprus. Learn more about MAN.

مدیرعامل شرکت MAN Investment LTD
مدیرعامل شرکت MAN Investment LTD
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Our motto

spread your wings, Fly with MAN

The investment and immigration consulting company MAN Investment LTD has been registered in Northern Cyprus with 100% Iranian ownership by engineer Mehdi Asadinejad.

Among his brilliant records and resume, we can say "exemplary manager of the country in 1993 and 1995". Iranian Management Geniuses Club And he also mentioned extensive activities in the field of setting up and operating large commercial centers.

Currently, the activity of this company is in the field of investment and migration to North Cyprus, together with the staff of experienced and competent consultants.

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cold calling abstract concept
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The team of MAN consultants is ready to answer your questions

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It should be passed today Until tomorrow!

A stone is too much for the legs that are used to running on hard paths, for people who are strong and believe in themselves, the problem is that those who have not run and have not reached and are tired of sitting, throw stones at those who are standing. The problem is that the residents grab the feet of people passing by, because their eyes are not used to seeing and running!



Those who are sitting do not know the suffering of running. Those who are standing on top of the peaks today, how many times have they fallen down on this path, how many times have they been injured, what dangers have they faced and in the end they continued their journey through exhaustion. Those who are sitting, their vision becomes short, they blame running and reaching, and by suppressing and humiliating those who are standing, they still justify their sitting.

MAN CEO speech
MAN CEO speech

our approach

We listen

We talk

the best Proposal We provide

At MAN-investment, our approach is to help meet customer needs and we always seek to achieve the best results for all customers.

As experts in obtaining Northern Cyprus residency and investment as well as student visas, our aim is to ensure that our clients receive their residency as quickly as possible.

Our approach can be expressed in three simple steps:

1. We listen

From the very beginning, we listen carefully to your financial needs, your lifestyle, and your family’s needs, understanding your long-term goals, risk attitude, and investment criteria. After a thorough understanding of your needs, we will prepare and propose a strategy to achieve your goals.

2. We give advice

Experts based in North Cyprus and in MAN-investment company, headed by the CEO of the company, Mehdi Asadinejad, provide guidance on the most suitable visas, the best type of residence according to your conditions, as well as in the real estate and investment sector in North Cyprus. . You may be interested in buying a property in a particular area or city, and our experts will recommend the best location based on your specific preferences.

3. We offer the best offer

We cooperate in your acquisition of the best real estate that is handed over by the best and most experienced companies building residential projects in North Cyprus, we promise you that all matters of buying and handing over a residential unit From zero to one hundred, a correct legal process is implemented in accordance with the current laws of Northern Cyprus for all customers, and there is no place for any doubt or concern in this regard.

Those who are sitting want everyone to sit and don't know what they have to do to reach the top stopped!