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سرمایه گذاری و خرید ملک در قبرس شمالی

Investing and buying property

Property buying advice is one of the serious needs for buyers and citizens, which can prevent legal problems and all kinds of property claims in the future.

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مشاوره اخذ ویزای کاری در قبرس شمالی

Consulting and obtaining a work visa

A work visa is a permit that allows you to live and work in this country for a certain period of time.

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مشاوره انتقال پول به قبرس شمالی

Money and capital transfer advice

To transfer money to North Cyprus, you can buy digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Tether to transfer your money and capital without...

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مشاوره حقوقی در مورد مهاجرت قبرس شمالی

Legal advice in Northern Cyprus

When you are involved in legal and criminal issues, the best practice is to seek the help of a legal advisor or lawyer.
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Travel guide to Northern Cyprus

If you are going to travel to North Cyprus, you should know first of all

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You should know before traveling or immigrating to North Cyprus

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مدیرعامل شرکت MAN Investment LTD
مدیرعامل شرکت MAN Investment LTD
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Our motto

spread your wings, Fly with MAN

The investment and immigration consulting company MAN Investment LTD has been registered in Northern Cyprus with 100% Iranian ownership by engineer Mehdi Asadinejad.

Among his brilliant records and resume, we can mention "exemplary manager of the country in 1993 and 1995", membership in Iran Management Geniuses Club, as well as extensive activities in the field of setting up and operating large commercial centers.


Currently, the activity of this company is in the field of investment and migration to North Cyprus, together with the staff of experienced and competent consultants.
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Tomorrow is too late... Live today, today

Residential projects for investment

in Northern Cyprus

آپارتمان در قبرس شمالی
آپارتمان در قبرس شمالی

Apartment projects

An apartment project in North Cyprus is perfect for those looking for an investment opportunity in this country.

خانه های ویلایی در قبرس شمالی
خانه های ویلایی در قبرس شمالی

Villa projects

Villas have always been among the most beautiful examples of house construction in terms of architecture and design, and nowadays the desire to buy villas is more than ever...

پروژه های ویلا آپارتمان در قبرس شمالی
پروژه های ویلا آپارتمان در قبرس شمالی

Apartment villa projects

The apartment villa project has villas and apartments that are designed in such a way that residents have access to all facilities...

To Receive Free Consultation Act now

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1- Does your company have a free tour?

Yes, our company has free tours of 3 to 6 days to visit North Cyprus projects and companies.

2- Is it necessary to make a purchase to benefit from the free tour?

The invitation that we issue to you is a business invitation and you will benefit from our tour for 3 days for free and you will not pay for the stay of 3 days.

3- How can we get a visa to visit North Cyprus?

3- How can we get a visa to visit North Cyprus?

4- Can you announce the starting price of real estate in North Cyprus?

Naturally, the price of real estate in all countries of the world depends on the facilities of the project, the location of the property, floor, view, sunlight and many other factors, but in general, it can be said that you can buy a property with an amount of around 45 thousand pounds, but note Note that the number of family members plays an important role in choosing a property so that the family can be accommodated.