Work in Northern Cyprus

Work in North Cyprus Unparalleled opportunities to invest in North Cyprus has created. Domestic and foreign investors can invest with the aim of establishing a corporate entity in this country. The type of activity of the company and its field of work determine which law the company will be established based on. In North Cyprus, the formation of companies is done according to Chapter 113 of the Constitution called “The Companies Law” (Şirketler), which defines the conditions for the establishment and work of companies. It specifies their bodies, and the powers and responsibilities of these bodies.

Comprehensive guide to Northern Cyprus

Companies registered in North Cyprus, depending on their activities and location, are placed in different tax categories, and in terms of taxation, they must comply with the regulations and laws related to their activity and establishment. Company registration in North Cyprus is not a complicated and difficult process. . Companies that are registered in the North Cyprus Free Trade Zone and have international activities and relations are subject to the laws of ports and free zones as well as international laws.

To work in North Cyprus, you will need a good real estate. North Cyprus has great real estate at reasonable prices, which has drawn many people from all over the world to this beautiful island to buy property in North Cyprus.

Work in Northern Cyprus

Types of companies that can be established in North Cyprus

  • Business and personal businesses
  • Joint-stock companies with limited and unlimited liability (partnership)
  • Domestic limited liability companies
  • Branches of foreign companies in North Cyprus
  • Free port companies
  • International business companies

Conditions for establishing a company in Northern Cyprus

 There should be at least two shareholders in the company.

 At least one director (board member) is required.

 At least one secretary is required to serve the legal documents of the company.

 The company must have a registered address within the borders of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Work permit in Northern Cyprus

Before starting to talk about the work permit in North Cyprus, I must point out that one of the important reasons why work migration to North Cyprus has increased is the low cost of living in North Cyprus. Work permits for foreigners are also issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. According to labor laws, foreign nationals can only join employers who have received the initial entry permit from the Ministry of Labor.Work in Northern Cyprus

Foreign nationals can enter Northern Cyprus with this permit in order to obtain a work visa. The right to employ foreign nationals is possible only if these people entered the country with their passports and the corresponding visa was issued upon entering the territory of Northern Cyprus.

If he entered the territory of Northern Cyprus before the date of the initial permit, or left and entered before the date of the initial permit without informing the Ministry of Labor, or passed the date of approval of the initial permit, the initial permit will be invalidated. Employers are required to complete the procedures for obtaining work visas for foreign nationals.

An employer who, with the approval of the Ministry of Labor, has taken action to hire foreign workers, is required to apply for and obtain permits related to work visas within the deadlines specified in the “Labor Regulations for Foreign Nationals”. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security issues work visas for foreigners taking into account factors such as the employer’s workplace, the field of activity of that workplace, required jobs and the need for foreign personnel.

This work visa is issued only for working in the same place of work. Foreign nationals looking for jobs are compared, and if suitable jobs are available, they are notified and directed to register at the relevant workplace.

In the case of breastfeeding leave, the labor law has regulated the duration of leave so that female employees can breastfeed their children after the end of maternity leave. This breastfeeding leave lasts for 9 months after giving birth and is two hours a day (one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon).Work in Northern Cyprus Breastfeeding leave

Work visa in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has excellent working conditions, which has caused the significant growth of immigration to Northern Cyprus. Work visas in North Cyprus are issued for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 1 year. After the 6-month or 1-year work visa expires, if you continue to work with the same employer in the same workplace and in the same field, the work visa must be renewed. If the employee, despite having a work visa, does not start working on the start date of the visa or does not continue working after starting work, the work visa is invalid and will be canceled by the ministry.

Work visa extension in Northern Cyprus

The process of extending a work visa is called “extension of a work visa”. To apply for a work visa extension, it is necessary that the employee has not spent more than 135 days abroad during the current one-year visa period. In order to extend this visa, the employee must apply for the extension of her visa from 2 months before the expiration date of the current work visa to a maximum of 3 months (90 days) after its expiration date.

Tips that foreign employees in North Cyprus should know

Regarding working conditions in North Cyprus, make sure that your employer has applied for a work permit at the required time and completed the permit procedures.

 If your employer has not completed your work visa within the specified deadlines, do not continue your work and file a complaint with the Ministry of Labor.

 Make sure you have a valid entry visa or work permit stamp during your stay in North Cyprus.

 According to the law, foreigners who have a work visa must work in the job or workplace specified in the visa and with the same employer.

 If your work visa expires and you wish to continue working in the same job and workplace, your work visa must be renewed within three months.

 If for any reason your business relationship with the employer ends, you must go to the Ministry of Labor and cancel your work visa. Otherwise, you will be subject to a criminal fine.

If any of the above cases exist, you may be fined or recognized as an illegal employee (smuggling). Except for cases that originate from the employee himself, any material damage that may occur due to the failure of the employer to fulfill his obligations is the responsibility of the employer. There is a much more important point.

Work in Northern Cyprus

Foreign nationals can work in North Cyprus according to the current laws. If the foreign employee is recognized as an illegal employee, he will be subject to a fine from the day his entry permit is revoked and he will be required to pay an amount equivalent to a basic daily wage for each day of illegal presence in the country. Also, according to the law, the penalty for hiring an illegal employee is equivalent to 5 monthly basic wages.

Commission for determining basic rights in Northern Cyprus

The basic salary determination commission in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus determines the amount of the basic salary at least once a year. This commission consists of 15 members who are responsible for determining basic rights in the country.

Basic rights in Northern Cyprus

The basic salary in Northern Cyprus is the amount of salary that is determined without any deductions. These salaries are calculated based on current prices to meet the basic needs of the employee, his wife and three to five children. Basic needs include proper nutrition, healthy housing, clothing, lighting and heating, transportation, modern health services, education, culture, recreation and rest.

Difference between gross and net salary in Northern Cyprus

Gross salary (gross) is the amount that is determined without any deductions. Net salary is the amount paid to the employee in cash, check or deposit after all deductions have been applied. Deductions include social insurance, social security fund, and taxes (if the salary is higher than the base amount).

From the gross salary, 9% is deducted for social insurance and 4% for the social security fund. A total of 13% of the gross salary is deducted and the remaining amount is paid.

If the salary received by the employee is more than the basic amount, the salary tax is also deducted. Salary tax rates in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are as follows:

 Up to 2000 lira: 10%

 From the amount of 2000 to 4000 liras: 15%

 From the amount of 4000 to 6000 liras: 20%

 More than 6000 lira: 25%

Paid annual leave is one of the most basic employee rights in North Cyprus. When employees go on annual leave, they receive their monthly salary in full and are not subject to salary deductions for the days of absence.Work in Northern Cyprus

Paragraph 1 of Article 43 of the Labor Law regarding the right to “annual paid leave” is as follows: Employees who have been working for six months from the date of the first day of work, including the trial period, can use paid leave.

The amount of annual paid leave for workers is as follows:

  • Employees with less than one year of work experience: 10 days
  • Employees with one to five years of work experience: 15 days
  • Employees with five to ten years of work experience: 20 days
  • Employees with more than ten years of experience: 25 days

Leave under special conditions in Northern Cyprus

In addition to annual leave, employees in Northern Cyprus are also entitled to take leave under certain circumstances. These conditions include the following:

Marriage: 3 days

Death of first degree relatives: 2 days

giving birth: 6 weeks before delivery and 8 weeks after delivery

Sickness: Maximum 30 days a year

Performing general duties: Maximum 3 days

Participation in training courses: Maximum 5 days

Public holidays and holidays during working hours

In addition to weekends and annual holidays, employees can also not go to work during Eid and public holidays. There is no compulsion to work on these days and working on these days is completely voluntary and optional. These holidays are for employees of all sectors, including private, cooperative, and government.Work in Northern Cyprus

Public holidays other than weekends

official holidays

January 1

April 23

May 1

May 19

July 20

August 1

August 30

October 29

November 15

3 days of Eid al-Fitr

4 days of Eid al-Adha

The days of birth are the official holidays of Northern Cyprus

No employee is required to work during these days, if someone voluntarily goes to work during these days, her salary will be paid one and a half times.

Routine working hours in Northern Cyprus

Normal working hours, between 6:00 a.m. and: 00:00 a.m. on Monday until 20:00 p.m. It is 00 pm on Saturday. In this period, daily working hours are determined and the duration of normal work should not be more than 8 hours.

Also, according to the law, overtime hours for employees during working days should not exceed 4 hours. Also, the total number of days that employees will work overtime should not be more than 90 working days during the year.

Accidents at work in North Cyprus

Unexpected accidents that happen to employees at the workplace or outside the workplace for work purposes or while commuting to the workplace and cause damage to a person are called unexpected work accidents. It should be noted that these accidents do not necessarily include material and physical damages, and mental disorders caused by work accidents are also included in the scope of work accidents.

Rights after unexpected work accidents

In the first step, if an employee suffers a work accident and is unable to continue working based on a medical certificate, her salary will be paid by the insurance company for the days she does not go to work. There are many factors that determine the amount of salary received by the employee during the period of absence from work. The most important factor is the amount of salary paid to the employee in the last three months. Also, the presence of a previous intention or a person’s negligence in the occurrence of an accident can also be effective.

This information is compared with the information obtained from employers who are looking for personnel. If there is a matching job, you will be notified and you will be directed to the relevant workplace to apply for a job.

Northern Cyprus pregnancy and maternity leave

Pregnant employees can have paid leave for six weeks before delivery and six weeks after delivery, for a total of 12 weeks. Also, according to labor laws, apart from the mentioned periods, female employees can also have unpaid leave for six weeks before and six weeks after childbirth. After completing these courses, female employees can return to their previous jobs and continue working. Also, leave periods can be increased according to the employee’s health status and the nature of the job, with a certificate from the Health Council.Maternity leave except working conditions in Northern Cyprus

The said material was about maternity leave in the public sector in Northern Cyprus. It should be noted here that in the private sector, 40 days of maternity leave are granted to employees.

Breastfeeding leave in Northern Cyprus

In the labor law, the duration of breastfeeding leave is set in such a way that female employees can breastfeed their children after the end of maternity leave.v Breastfeeding leave for 9 months after giving birth is two hours a day, one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.

Overtime in Northern Cyprus

According to paragraph 2 of Article 27 of the Labor Law, the total number of overtime days cannot exceed ninety working days per year. In addition, overtime hours after eight hours of work on weekdays cannot exceed four hours. This article is exactly as follows:

Working conditions in North Cyprus: “Overtime on normal working days cannot be more than four hours per day. The total number of overtime days cannot exceed ninety working days per year.

Engineer Mehdi Asadinejad, CEO of MAN investment ltd

MAN investment ltd, a large and experienced company, has been providing services to its customers in the field of immigration and residence in North Cyprus for many years. You can contact our expert consultants about working conditions in North Cyprus and work visas.

last word

Northern Cyprus has unique working conditions and opportunities that can be of interest to any person. There are many job opportunities in North Cyprus. Information about work conditions and work visas in North Cyprus, the amount of salary and types of leave in North Cyprus were stated. We want you to write us your opinions about working in Northern Cyprus. In the end, we ask you to send this article to your friends and acquaintances who are planning to immigrate and work in North Cyprus so that they can also benefit from this article.

common questions

What are the working conditions in North Cyprus?

Working conditions in North Cyprus are generally favorable. The unemployment rate in this country is low and the salaries and benefits are relatively good. Also, labor laws in Northern Cyprus are relatively flexible, allowing workers to choose their working hours and working conditions according to their needs.

What documents do I need to work in Northern Cyprus?

To work in Northern Cyprus, you need a work visa and residence permit. To get a work visa, you must have a job offer from a Northern Cyprus employer. Your employer must send you the following documents:

Job offer letter

Certificate of Employment

List of salaries and benefits

Copy of employer’s ID card or passport

After receiving a job offer, you should send your documents to the North Cyprus embassy or consulate in your country.

To obtain a residence permit, you must submit the following documents to the Northern Cyprus Immigration Office:

work visa

Valid passport

Personal photos

Health certificate


What is the working language in Northern Cyprus?

The working language in Northern Cyprus is Turkish. However, many companies in North Cyprus also speak English. If you are not fluent in Turkish, you should improve your English language skills.

What are the salaries and benefits of workers in North Cyprus?

Salaries and benefits for workers in North Cyprus depend on various factors such as the type of job, experience and skills of the individual. In general, workers’ salaries in Northern Cyprus are relatively good. The minimum wage in Northern Cyprus in 2023 is 4,250 NL per month.

Some common benefits for workers in Northern Cyprus include:


Life insurance

Annual holiday

sick leave

Year-end bonus

What are the working hours in North Cyprus?

Working hours in North Cyprus are usually 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. However, some jobs may have shorter or longer working hours.

What are the rest times like in North Cyprus?

Workers in Northern Cyprus have the right to rest for 15 minutes every 4 hours. Also, they have the right to take a 1-hour lunch break every working day.

What are the job opportunities in North Cyprus?

There are job opportunities in North Cyprus in various fields. Some of the most popular areas to work in North Cyprus include:




Information Technology


How to find a job in North Cyprus?

To find a job in North Cyprus, you can use different methods. Some common methods include:

Refer to employment websites

Use of social networks

Participation in job fairs

Refer to employment agencies

Is it possible to get a job without a language certificate in North Cyprus?

Yes, it is possible to get a job without a language certificate in Northern Cyprus. However, if you are not fluent in Turkish, you should improve your English language skills. Many companies in North Cyprus also speak English.

What tips should be followed to work in North Cyprus?

Here are some tips for working in North Cyprus:

Before immigrating to North Cyprus, do the necessary research and find out about the working conditions in this country.

Improve your language skills.

Prepare your resume and application letter well.

Attend job interviews

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