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North Cyprus Arjan Airport

The Latin name of North Cyprus Airport is Ercan and it is pronounced “Arjan”. This airport is located 13 kilometers from the outskirts of Nicosia, the capital of Northern Cyprus. North Cyprus Airport currently operates under the new name “North Cyprus New Airport” and is known as the main point of arrival and departure of air flights in this region. In this article, which goes back to the efforts of the writing team of the large and specialist MAN investment ltd company, a comprehensive introduction of this airport is discussed. be with us.

Latin name of the airportErcan International Airport
Turkish nameErjan
LocationNorth Nicosia
Distance to the city center km (15 minutes)
AirlinesPegasus, Anadolujet, Sunexpress, Turkey
North Cyprus airport IATA code(IATA ) ECN

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History of the airport in Northern Cyprus

The first airport in Cyprus was established in the 1930s by the British during World War II. After the Turkish military attack in 1974, this airport was taken over by Turkey and transferred from military to passenger stage. The name “Arjan Airport” has been used since then.

Arjan Airport

Development of the airport since its establishment until today:
 In 1975, the first airport runway was established.
 In 1976, B727 and DC9 planes entered this airport.
 In 1977, the Air Service Control Department started functioning.
 The first night flight was made in April 1977.
 In September 1977, the new terminal building and fire station were commissioned.
 In May 2004, the airport was developed with a new theme and a capital of 19 trillion liras.
 On July 20, 2023, the new Arjan Airport was inaugurated by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

New Arjan Airport in Northern Cyprus

With the development of Northern Cyprus, the new Arjan airport was opened by Recep Tayyip Erdogan on July 20, 2023, in line with the realization of peace and freedom. This airport was built with all international standards and now has the ability to accept large planes.

Technical Specifications:
Band length: 3200 meters
Bandwidth: 45 meters
• 60 passenger entrances
• 44 passport control counters
• 26 X-RAY control devices
• 30 airplane hangars
• Annual income: 30 million euros
Annual capacity: 10 million passengers
• Store and convenience sectors
• 5 conveyor belts for cargo delivery

Arjan Airport

Number of airports in Cyprus

In total, the island of Cyprus has 8 airports, 3 of which are located in the northern part. Only one airport named “North Cyprus Airport” operates as an international passenger airport in this area. And 2 other airports have military and educational use. The whole table of Cyprus airports to the city is below;

Airport nameLocationuser
Geçitkale FamagustaNorthern CyprusMilitary
LakatamiaSouthern CyprusMilitary
Laranka International LCASouthern Cypruspassenger
Paphos International PFOSouthern Cypruspassenger
Akrotiri Air ForceAKTSouthern CyprusMilitary
Gonyeli NicosiaNorthern CyprusMilitary
Nicosia International AirportNICSouthern CyprusMilitary

The new airport of Northern Cyprus

The new airport of North Cyprus is located in the Mesaoria plain of Cyprus in the village of Tymbou (Kırklar in Turkish) and a short distance from the old airport of North Cyprus. Cyprus Airport is the main civil airport of Northern Cyprus.

Arjan Airport

North Cyprus Airport IATA code (IATA)

You must have used airline service websites to buy tickets. In this case, you need to have the IATA code of the airport. This code is a 3-letter identifier that is known around the world with a specific name. The airport code of Northern Cyprus is ECN.

Flight information of Arjan airport in Cyprus

All air flights to Northern Cyprus must be made via one of the cities in Turkey, and direct flights to Northern Cyprus are not possible. It is possible to buy tickets from different cities in Türkiye such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. The air route from Istanbul to Cyprus provides the possibility of buying tickets to North Cyprus at a reasonable price due to the prosperity of the flights.

North Cyprus plane ticket price

At the time of writing this article in November 1402, the price of a round-trip plane ticket from Tehran to Cyprus is an average of 25 million Tomans per person. It is recommended to get your ticket from the airline offices and get the necessary advice from them. Also, you can buy your ticket through online websites.

Direct flights to Northern Cyprus

In some seasons of the year, direct flights to North Cyprus from Tehran Imam International Airport are provided by Iran Airlines. Unfortunately, the number of these flights is very limited. The last direct flight from Iran to Northern Cyprus took place in October, and the time of the next direct flights has not been announced yet.

From Cyprus airport to the city center

When leaving Cyprus Airport, cross the pedestrian crossing to reach the parking lot. Taxi in the first lane, van in the second lane and bus in the third lane are available for you. If you book a car in advance through car rental companies, you can pick up your car from the third line and reach Nicosia, the capital of Northern Cyprus, which is 23 km from the airport, in 20 minutes.

Pay attention to people holding placards. Your contract company representatives will welcome you through hand signs. If you need a Cyprus SIM card, you can buy a Turkcell or Vodafone SIM card at the exit corridor of the airport. Please note that Turkcell SIM cards purchased from Turkey include roaming charges.

Arjan Airport

Distance table from Arjan Airport in Cyprus to different cities

to citydistance (km)Driving time (minutes)Public transport price (dollars)
Guzel Yurt60605

Price table from the airport to Nicosia – Famagusta

From the airport toto citydistance (km)Driving time (minutes)Public transport price (dollars)

Distance from North Cyprus Airport to Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University It is located 20 kilometers from the airport.. The route takes about 50 minutes. Prohibited items at the airport include explosives, advanced drones, animal trafficking, drugs, antiques, winning items, toxic and dangerous chemicals, prohibited items in the airplane cabin include bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, etc.

Distance from North Cyprus Airport to North Cyprus International University (CIU)

Cyprus International University (Cyprus International University) It is located at a distance of 20 km from the airport and you can reach the university by driving for about 20 minutes. Some agents offer free services such as airport transfer.

Arjan airport facilities in Northern Cyprus

 An asphalt runway with a length of 2,755 meters and a width of 45 meters
 A passenger terminal with the capacity to accept 2 million passengers per year
 A cargo terminal with the capacity to accept 500 thousand tons of cargo per year
 Support facilities including watchtower, radar, airport lighting systems and other equipment required for flight operations
 Banking services
 Exchange services

 Hotel services
 Car rental services
 Public transport services
 Tourism services
 Parking with a capacity of 1000 cars
 Restaurants and cafes
 Retail stores
Rest rooms
 Conference halls
Some of the facilities of Arjan airport that are not mentioned in the text above are:
1. Arjan Airport has two passenger terminals. The main terminal of this airport, with an area of 100,000 square meters, has 16 flight gates. The second terminal of this airport, with an area of 50,000 square meters, has 4 flight gates.

2. In 2023, Arjan Airport was selected as the best small airport in Europe in terms of passenger services. This airport was also selected as the best small airport in Europe in the security sector in 2022.

Arjan Airport

Problems of Arjan Airport in Northern Cyprus

As an international airport, North Cyprus Arjan Airport has acceptable facilities and services. However, there are some flaws in this airport, which can be mentioned as follows:

1. Lack of passport control counters: Currently, Arjan Airport has only 4 passport control counters, which causes long queues and waste of time due to the large number of passengers.
2. Not opening many parts of the airport: Parts of Arjan airport have not yet opened, which makes passengers feel that the airport is still under construction.
3. Non-functioning of cooling and heating system in some airport halls: In some halls of Arjan airport, the cooling and heating system does not work properly, which causes problems for passengers.
In the following, we will examine each of these defects:

Lack of passport control counters
At present, Arjan Airport has only 4 passport control counters, which is not sufficient due to the large number of passengers. At the height of the tourist season, long queues are formed for passport control, which wastes passengers’ time. To solve this problem, the number of passport control counters in Arjan airport should be increased. This can be done by building and setting up new counters or renovating and upgrading existing counters.

Not opening many parts of the airport
Parts of Arjan Airport have not yet opened, which makes travelers feel that the airport is still under construction. This also causes the airport to not use its full capacity. To solve this problem, the remaining parts of Arjan airport should be opened as soon as possible. This can increase the capacity and improve the quality of airport services.

Arjan Airport

Non-functioning of cooling and heating system in some airport halls
In some halls of Arjan airport, the cooling and heating system does not work properly, which causes problems for passengers. In summer, the air heat in these halls is very high, and in winter, the cold air causes inconvenience to the passengers. To solve this problem, the cooling and heating system in these halls must be repaired or replaced. This can create more favorable conditions for passengers.
In general, North Cyprus Arjan Airport is a modern airport with acceptable facilities. However, fixing the mentioned defects can improve the service quality of this airport.

Photo of Cyprus Airport (Arjan, Northern Cyprus)

Arjan Airport

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last word

The opening of the North Cyprus airport in 2023 with the presence of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the only entry point for air flights to North Cyprus. The airport has a variety of duty-free service, shopping and convenience sections, but due to the early opening, many sections are not yet open. To travel to North Cyprus, first arrive in one of the Turkish cities and then enter North Cyprus Arjan Airport through air flights.

Arjan Airport has flights to many Turkish cities as well as international destinations. The airport is considered an important transportation hub for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In the end, we ask you to write us your opinions about Arjan Airport because your opinion is important! You can also send this article to your friends and acquaintances who are planning to travel and stay in North Cyprus so that they can get to know Arjan Airport in North Cyprus.

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