Studying in Northern Cyprus

One of the important things about the study conditions in North Cyprus is that it is possible to see students from all over the world in North Cyprus universities. Studying at a university in North Cyprus is what every student wants. Because the island of North Cyprus is a paradise and there is a routine of daily life in European standards. You can be friends with an Englishman, a German, a Japanese, a Russian or a Korean. This global structure also makes language learning easier.

Since this is a touristic island, students are always in contact with other cultures. Students can enjoy their life and study conditions in North Cyprus by buying property in North Cyprus from the best houses at the most suitable prices.

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If you want to know the updated price of real estate in North Cyprus, you can read the article entitled The cost of buying a house in North Cyprus.Study conditions in Northern Cyprus

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Studying in the universities of North Cyprus

What details should those who want to study in North Cyprus universities know?

You should know the conditions of studying in North Cyprus. We can list the main ones as follows:

  • You can buy or rent a house on the island. The housing sector in North Cyprus is very active, the rent is similar to Turkey and in some cities it is lower than Turkey.
  • You will not have any problems in eating and drinking because the average price of food is the same as in Turkey and in many cases lower.
  • The approach of North Cyprus universities to their current students is quite conservative. She also has a positive approach towards them and hugs each one of them and stands by them.

Study conditions in Northern Cyprus

For education and life, immigrating to North Cyprus is the best option. Currently, educational migration to North Cyprus is very popular. The reasons for this welcome are the favorable weather conditions, the proximity of culture to Iran, the ease and low cost of commuting, the proximity to Iran, the opportunities for suitable scholarships, and the presence of international universities in this country. At the same time, North Cyprus is known as an easy destination to enter the world’s top countries. This country has progressed and is one of the most touristic and immigrant-friendly countries in the world. Also, the cost of living in this country is much lower than in many countries.Study conditions in Northern Cyprus

age limit

In most cases, Northern Cyprus does not have an age limit for study residency. But note that some medical courses may have an age limit.


A certified translation of your diploma is required to start the registration process. Also, if you have studied according to the old Iranian education system, you must also provide your pre-university certificate and transcripts.


A high grade point average is not a necessary condition to enter North Cyprus universities.

English language

To study in North Cyprus universities, you do not need an English language test such as IELTS or TOEFL. If you don’t know English, you can take language courses in universities.

the reception

Admission to bachelor’s, bachelor’s, and master’s courses is determined based on your academic records and you do not need a special exam.

study time

A bachelor’s degree usually lasts 4 years. Master’s courses last about 2 years and PhD courses last between 3 and 5 years.

language test

After entering the university, you must take an English language proficiency test. If you don’t get the required grade, you can take English lessons.Educational requirements in North Cyprus, such as the English language test

Study visa

For study residency, you must apply for a study visa. This process may take 2 to 6 months.

Part-time work

International students can work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Student support

One of the conditions of studying in North Cyprus is the support of universities. Universities in Northern Cyprus offer educational support services to help students with academic and daily life issues.

The quality of education in North Cyprus universities

North Cyprus offers many useful study opportunities for students. Students can study in their desired groups in quality universities. Northern Cyprus, which has made major investments in its academic education system, continues to open new research centers in its universities.

More than 120 thousand students from 140 different countries come to North Cyprus universities. Famous universities such as ITU, EMU, etc. have campuses in North Cyprus. Various fields of study including medicine, engineering, pharmacy, dentistry, commerce, law and tourism are offered in these universities.

There are safe and comprehensive educational campuses for students. Universities also provide services such as dormitories and educational support for students. There are also distinguished speakers who are famous all over the world and have reached expertise in various fields.Study conditions in North Cyprus universities

Studying at the University of Northern Cyprus

First of all, Northern Cyprus is a geography that expands people’s lives with its natural beauty and pristine nature. The crime rate is remarkably low. It is very safe for students. Economically, you can have a quality life. Provides noise-free and productive study environments for students. For more information on this topic, you can read the important post entitled Study in Northern Cyprus.

Thanks to the possibility of studying international students, it is possible to receive multicultural education. Thanks to the possibility of studying international students, it is possible to receive multicultural education. Since it is a tourist island, students who want to work in Northern Cyprus can easily find a job.

Thanks to the Northern Cyprus property market which is growing and improving day by day, staying in very comfortable and luxurious houses is also possible. There are apartments in Northern Cyprus that provide comfortable, safe and quality living opportunities for students. For more information on residential units, you can go to Browse North Cyprus projects and get more information.Education conditions and property purchase in North Cyprus

You can study in Northern Cyprus, also known as the island of higher education, and by experiencing the privilege of studying in a quality university, you can take solid steps towards the future. Study conditions in North Cyprus are very ideal. In addition to favorable living conditions, the success of students in universities is also very high.

One of the important reasons why we say that the living conditions in North Cyprus are excellent and favorable is because of the low Cost of living in Northern Cyprus It is very important for students to have a low cost of buying food and hygiene items, basic life items, clothes, stationery and other items. , which has all these things in Northern Cyprus.One of the important reasons why we say that the living conditions in North Cyprus are excellent and favorable is because of the low

Cost of living, water and electricity, gas, transportation and other expenses Internet in Northern Cyprus It is very low and affordable. Northern Cyprus is in a very good condition in terms of coverage and access to the Internet, and the Internet speed is also very good, and recently G5 Mobile Internet has also been launched in Northern Cyprus.Another requirement for studying in North Cyprus is North Cyprus Internet

The cost of studying in universities in North Cyprus

The costs of studying in North Cyprus can be divided into several parts, which will give you an accurate idea of the required costs:

Dormitory fee or housing rent: Dormitory fee is about 2500 dollars annually and more. This amount varies by city and university. If you decide to rent a house, the costs may be lower.

Cost of food: about 3 to 4 thousand liras are required for monthly food. Student stipends are usually considered to cover additional costs such as electricity, gas, and internet.

Academic expenses: This includes the purchase of books and necessary materials related to the courses.

Entertainment and personal expenses: about 15,000 lira is considered monthly for entertainment and personal expenses, such as buying clothes and essential items.Education costs in Northern Cyprus

To know all the costs in full detail, you can read the article The cost of studying in North Cyprus, knowing these costs can make you make proper and logical plans for your life and education in the beautiful island of North Cyprus. .

What are the advantages of studying at a university in North Cyprus?

The number of young people studying in North Cyprus universities is increasing day by day. The biggest reason for this is the advantages of studying in North Cyprus.

  • Security and settlement: Northern Cyprus offers a very safe and peaceful life. There is no fight or noise. Offering a pleasant university life in a place away from chaos, Northern Cyprus is a favorite among young people and parents alike.
  • Quality education: Each of the universities in North Cyprus are fully equipped. مؤسسات آموزشی که به شما امکان می دهند بدون حواس پرتی معاشرت کنید، شما را از هر نظر برای زندگی آماده می کنند و از شما در موفقیت حمایت می کنند.
  • A variety of majors to choose from: From medicine and engineering to business and arts, North Cyprus offers a wide variety of majors. These broad options allow you to choose your specialization and focus on your field of interest.Study conditions in Northern Cyprus
  • Multicultural environment: North Cyprus universities are also very important in terms of familiarity with different cultures. At these institutions, attended by students of all nationalities, you can both improve your language skills and expand your cultural horizons.
  • High quality of life: The quality of life in North Cyprus is at a high level. This situation is reflected in the lives of students. These institutions that don’t waste your time, don’t have financial worries and easily access the keys to success.
  • Amazing natural environment: Northern Cyprus has beautiful natural landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a wide ecological diversity. This beautiful environment can add to the quality of your life and provide many recreational opportunities. You can enjoy the unique nature of the island and experience the privilege of swimming in 8 months of the year. In this way, you can enjoy the benefit of entertainment while studying and learning.
  • Student Support: Universities in North Cyprus offer services such as dormitories, libraries, and educational support centers so that students can benefit from their studies.Another condition for studying in North Cyprus is student support
  • Reasonable education costs: These costs are much more affordable than North and South Cyprus, Istanbul and other European countries.
  • Culture and Arts: Northern Cyprus has a rich history and culture, giving students the opportunity to immerse themselves in local architecture, art, and history.
  • Friendship and kindness: Most of the students in North Cyprus are Turkish and Iranian youths. You can also easily be among these students and get information about the actions you need to take by receiving professional support from us.

How is shipping to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus?

Nowadays, transportation to North Cyprus is very easy. Thanks to the increasing number of flights, anyone can easily go to North Cyprus whenever they want. Particular;

  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • Adana
  • Antalya
  • Gaziantep
  • Izmir
  • Hatay

There are direct airline flights from cities such as Trabzon.Flying to North Cyprus is another educational requirement to go to North Cyprus

With its warm climate, natural beauty and successful universities, Northern Cyprus is one of the places you can easily visit and complete your education at affordable prices.

What are the transportation facilities for students in North Cyprus?

One of the issues that young people who plan to study in North Cyprus are most curious about is how they can travel within the island. At this point you should know that public transport in Northern Cyprus is limited. For this reason, we suggest you to buy and rent a car in North Cyprus.

As car prices are very affordable in Northern Cyprus, some students meet their transport needs by providing their own vehicles. We have prepared an article titled Types of cars in North Cyprus, by reading this article you will get to know all the famous cars in North Cyprus.Another condition for studying in North Cyprus is the purchase of a car by students in North Cyprus

If you wish, you can also benefit from short-term car rental services in North Cyprus and get effective solutions in case of emergency.

Universities that offer both academic opportunities and work opportunities

If you wish to study at a university in Northern Cyprus, you have the opportunity to both study and work. If you wish to study at a university in Northern Cyprus, you have the opportunity to both study and work. In addition, many universities arrange short-term jobs for their students and hire them. In this way, you can do your work in the same area without having to go to different campuses for work and work together without wasting time.

The best universities in Northern Cyprus

The best universities in Northern Cyprus You can make your final decision and choose your study destination. To choose the right study destination, you need to collect detailed and comprehensive information about the countries and their top universities.Universities of Northern Cyprus

Academic residency in North Cyprus is similar to the educational principles of the top American universities, which is why the acceptance of educational immigration to this country is increasing. Northern Cyprus has more than 20 universities, each with a different world ranking. If you see North Cyprus as a bridge to reach other first-tier countries, choose the university carefully. However, it is usually the best choice to choose reputable and reputable universities to have a better academic and professional future. In the following, we introduce these universities.

University name

City Name

established year

Eastern Mediterranean University, EMU



Cyprus International University CIU



NEU Near East University



University of Nicosia



European University of Cyprus



American University Girne



Arucad University



Lefke European University



University Final



University Adakent



If you want to get more detailed information about universities in North Cyprus, you can read the blog post titled “Top 3 Universities in North Cyprus“.

The best fields of study in Northern Cyprus

Since the progress of this country in all fields has been impressive in the last few years, the desire to study in North Cyprus has also increased. This country observes the same educational standards as countries such as England and America, and its universities are prestigious. Therefore, the study migration to North Cyprus is welcomed by international students.Educational conditions in Northern Cyprus

In choosing study fields, you should pay attention to the fields that have a good job market. Some popular and popular courses in North Cyprus include:

Medicine and paramedicine: Medical fields such as medicine, pharmacy and dentistry are very popular in Northern Cyprus and the universities of this country are prestigious in these fields. In addition, not needing an entrance exam for these fields is one of the advantages of studying in North Cyprus.

International Law: International Law is a great option to study in North Cyprus. After completing the study course, you can work in the roles of legal advisers, judges and prosecutors.

Tourism and Hospitality: As a newly established country, Northern Cyprus is trying to develop its tourism and hospitality industry. These fields are very popular in this country and North Cyprus universities offer prestigious courses in this field.

Finance and accounting majors: accounting, auditing and international business are other popular majors in North Cyprus. Valid international degrees in these fields can provide you with job opportunities inside and outside the country.Accounting studies in North Cyprus

Deciding to study in one of these fields can be more exciting for the future and offer you attractive job opportunities in North Cyprus and even in other countries.

How to stay permanently in North Cyprus with a study visa

How to stay permanently in North Cyprus with a study visa

Obtaining a study visa: You must first be admitted to a university in Northern Cyprus and obtain your study visa. This visa allows you to enter the country to study in Northern Cyprus.

Completion of education: After completing your degree, you should receive your diplomas and degrees. These documents are important so that you can start the permanent residence process.

Business or establishment of a business: To obtain permanent residence in Northern Cyprus, you must find a permanent job in the country or start a business. This can be done for 5 years.

Help from an expert lawyer: The best way to speed up getting permanent residence and doing all these steps is to get help from a lawyer or immigration consultants in North Cyprus. These people with their experience and expertise can guide you in this process and manage your legal and immigration matters.Conditions for studying in North Cyprus and getting help from a specialist immigration lawyer

Finally, permanent residence in North Cyprus with a study visa allows you to stay longer in the country and take advantage of educational and employment opportunities. This route is better with the help of expert consultants of MAN INVESTMENT LTD to be followed in this field.

MAN INVESTMENT LTD, a large and experienced company, has been providing specialized advice to its dear customers in the field of migration to North Cyprus and study stay, this company also provides services such as property purchase and investment in North Cyprus.

last word

North Cyprus is a world of opportunities and developments, the conditions of studying in North Cyprus are very easy and flexible, and this has made students and those interested in studying choose North Cyprus for their studies and life. The best courses You will find the best universities and the best professors in the best island of the Middle East. In the end, we ask you to write us your opinions on the study conditions in North Cyprus, because your opinion is important.

common questions

Fees vary by course and university, but overall, prices are more reasonable than in many countries.

There is no need to present a language certificate, but the student must be fluent in English, the level determination exam will be taken. If she passes, she participates in specialized classes, if she does not pass, she studies only English for one or more semesters.

Yes, international students can obtain a study visa to enter North Cyprus.

Obtaining academic admission takes one to two weeks and obtaining an academic visa takes 20 to 30 days.

Yes, students can work part-time up to 20 hours per week.

Yes, some universities in North Cyprus are recognized globally. In general, the study conditions in North Cyprus are excellent and attractive.

Yes, students can have a wide range of academic choices.

Yes, another condition of studying in Northern Cyprus is that many universities offer dormitories and housing services for students. How long will it take to get a degree?

The duration of study depends on your field and level of education. Typically, undergraduate degrees last 3-4 years.

Yes, one of the best conditions for studying in North Cyprus is that the universities in North Cyprus provide educational support services so that students can get help in their studies and daily life.

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