DO NOT migrate to Northern Cyprus if you do not meet the following requirements!

In Northern Cyprus in order to immigrate by investing in properties, you must have the funds and capital needed to buy the property.

According to the laws of Northern Cyprus, the property must be at least proportional to the number of family members in order to obtain a residence permit based on the purchased property, and if you do not have the funds and capital to buy the property, immigration will be very difficult for you.

For each year, a bank print of $10,000 per adult over 18 must be offered to the Migration Agency. And if at the time of buying , a company promises you $10,000 for the first year, this may be done, but in the coming years, you will have difficulty extending your residence and presenting bank prints, and in this case, your residence in Northern Cyprus is not extended and you should return to Iran.

There is no job in Northern Cyprus where you are paid in a dollar or pound and be able to afford monthly pound installments. All salaries received in North Cyprus are in Lira and it is up to you to calculate your assets in Pound and Lira then apply to buy property and obtain residency.

If you have the ability and support to pay the installments, apply for immigration.

Be careful, because regret and return in the middle of the way may destroy your capital and endanger your destiny.

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