Renting a property in Northern Cyprus

The style of renting an apartment or villa in Northern Cyprus is different from Iran. In Northern Cyprus leases can be adjusted into short-term leases of one day to several months and long-term leases of one year. Short-term rents are usually more expensive than long-term rents. And factors such as the location of the property and the design within the unit and even the time it takes to rent affect the amount of rent.

For example, in the High Season months, renting is more expensive than other months. And the demand for short-term rent is higher than long-term rent. The second rule is to pay the deposit amount, which is equal to twice the rent. It must be paid to the landlord. At the end of the rental period, the deposit will be returned to the tenant, provided the tenant has not damaged the house. Will be deducted from the deposit. In Northern Cyprus, there are few houses that can be rented out without objects and equipment, and most houses are rented out furnished. In some areas, rents can be paid in lira, but mostly include older units. But in other areas the price is calculated in pounds.

The lease agreement must be concluded in a reputable real estate office so that no problems arise later. In case of early termination of the lease, the landlord must be notified one month in advance and an amount equal to one month of additional rent must be paid to the landlord to terminate the lease. In some settlements, residents are charged for charging, which is related to the agreement between the landlord and the tenant and is also mentioned in the contract. If the leased unit contract is to be used for residence, the lease contract tax must be registered and stamped with the tax office, and the cost of the tax office is borne by the property owner. Electricity and gas inside the unit are the responsibility of the tenant and the tenant is obliged to return the unit to the owner of the property as it was delivered.

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