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Northern Cyprus is one of the safest places to live in a non-European economy with a significant immigrant population due to the rising currency prices in the country. With its ideal climate, good air connections, luxurious golf clubs and stunning beaches, Northern Cyprus offers the perfect place to live. In investing in the real estate sector, the income of nearly 10% of the value of the property from rent is significant. In this article, I, Mehdi Asadinejad, CEO of Im Investment Immigration Company, explain the reasons why Northern Cyprus is superior to other countries in terms of immigration.

Benefits of investing in Northern Cyprus

The economy of Northern Cyprus is not dependent on Europe

Its absence from the European Union has long been seen as one of its weaknesses, but in recent years it has become one of its strengths and has attracted many investors. All the lands and properties of Northern Cyprus are exchanged for British Pounds, which is a stable currency and is unofficially the currency of this country, and you can use this currency instead of the Turkish Lira in all shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

In addition, according to various analyzes, the British pound has increased its parity with other currencies in 2018 and early 2019. On the other hand, with the depreciation of the euro in recent years, the value of property in other Mediterranean countries, such as Spain and Greece, has fallen.

With the collapse of the Greek economy and, of course, the economy of southern Cyprus, as well as the recognition of the country by a European court in 2010, many investors came to the northern part of the island, which increased property prices by 25% in two years. It became recent.

Benefits of investing in Northern Cyprus

Unique climate of Northern Cyprus

With more than 300 sunny days a year, as well as a Mediterranean climate and four seasons, the country has been greatly welcomed by investors from various countries, especially Europe and the United Arab Emirates. The maximum summer temperature of this island is 35 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature in winter will not fall below 5 degrees. That is why in spring or in April and June and in autumn or in September and November, this beautiful island hosts European and Middle Eastern tourists.

Obtaining a visa in less than 30 days

Iranians can get their stay in this beautiful island for up to 30 days by buying a property and paying only 30% of the price of the desired property.

Benefits of investing in Northern Cyprus

Do not prevent the purchase of property

Northern Cyprus has allowed Iranians to name a property or plot of land through which you can apply for residency. It should be noted that this residence will be extended as long as you are the owner or you do not have dangerous diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis, and you can apply for a residence visa through the property after the initial contract or the prepayment of the property. Kurds

Benefits of investing in Northern Cyprus

Property prices

Property prices are much lower than in the southern part and even in Turkey, despite the construction standards and facilities available in the projects. For example, the starting price of a high-quality studio is 000 45,000, a stylish two-bedroom apartment is 000 85,000 and a suitable villa is 00 140,000.

While at the same price in Turkey and the southern part, you will be able to buy lower quality units in more crowded or offshore areas.
It should be noted that “Man Investment” company under the management of Mehdi Asadinejad in its various projects has provided excellent shopping conditions for customers, which is a strong point for those who do not want to pay in one lump sum.

Benefits of investing in Northern Cyprus

Rising capital value

In recent years, property and land prices in key parts of the island have risen by between 10% and 40% per year, which is a significant amount. The reason why real estate in Northern Cyprus has grown, unlike in Europe, is that in this country private companies with private capital are building their projects instead of taking out bank loans, which is why the sector was not so influential during the global recession. Note that investing in this sector will be profitable in the medium and long term and will only work in the short term in certain cases.

Demand for rent in some key locations, such as Kyrenia and Famagusta, is very high through tourists, students, and staff, and homeowners can earn between 5 and 10 percent of the property’s value per year. Given the fluctuations in the exchange rate in Iran, as well as its increasing foreign exchange investment and having foreign exchange earnings can be a good way to reduce its impact on the lives of dear compatriots.

Benefits of investing in Northern Cyprus

A place to spend a vacation

The island with its pristine nature and beautiful beaches along with amenities such as golf courses, clubs, nightlife and other amenities is a great place to spend your vacation in complete peace and fun.

Benefits of investing in Northern Cyprus

The best areas for property investment

Every area in Cyprus is suitable for a certain group of dear investors, which may not be of any benefit to another class. It is very important to know for what purpose and purpose we are buying the property. For example, some areas are only suitable for renting to foreign tourists, while others are suitable for accommodation or retirement.

It is strongly recommended that you buy a property only after consulting with knowledgeable consultants of “Man Investment” company and avoid looking around unnecessarily or according to the opinions of those who do not have much knowledge about this.

Northern Cyprus is generally divided into the following seven main sections

Part 1: Its capital is called Lefkosia and in the center of the island with donkey centers

Diverse, universities, health centers, restaurants and the ancient city stand out
Part 2: Its tourist center is Kyrenia, located on the north coast and has dreamy sea and mountain views, historic university alleys, hotels, various tourist centers and anchorage restaurants.
Section 3: The north coast east of Kyrenia, facing Karpaz, includes the beautiful town of Essen Tappeh with its famous golf club, turtle beach, cafes and unique beaches with easy access to Kyrenia.
Section 4: The north coast, which is west of Kyrenia and includes the famous Skip beach
Section 5: West Coast, which includes surfing clubs, the beautiful city of Guzel Yurt and the stunning Lefka University
Section 6: East Coast, known for its beautiful sandy beaches, the ruins of Salamis, the city of Famagusta and the International University of the Eastern Mediterranean
Section 7: Karpaz where the intersection between the beach and the mountain has created a pristine and stunning scenery

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