Annual value added of the property

With the approval of the Property Commission of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, now recognized by Europe, Northern Cyprus is seen as a new investment opportunity in the Mediterranean, like rival countries such as Spain, Portugal and France. With the possibility of Northern Cyprus joining the European Union, the attention of all professional investors has been drawn to the country.

In addition, the current negotiations between North and South Cyprus have pushed up prices. As the border is completely closed and visas are required to travel between the northern and southern parts, more and more people are seeing the uniqueness of Northern Cyprus as an undeveloped refuge.


Real estate is still at a relatively reasonable price, but with the possible abolition of visas, as well as an increase in the exchange rate in Iran, the conditions for investing and obtaining residency in this country will become more difficult. To ensure the security of your assets, you can double the value of your assets by investing and converting your rials into sterling pounds, which is the safest and most volatile currency in the world. This is a serious recommendation Do not miss this important time.

Why offer Cyprus for investment?

Profits from rising property prices

Buying a property in Northern Cyprus and reselling it after a few years can be very rewarding. Buyers can become the owners of the desired property by paying a part of the amount of the desired property, ie about 30% of the total amount of the property, and by repaying the installments from 36 to 48.

Although prices are already rising, Northern Cyprus properties are still starting to sell for 000 45,000. In addition, the cost of living in the Republic of Northern Cyprus is significantly cheaper than in the United States or other European countries, allowing retirees and residents to enjoy a very high standard of living outside the euro area with benefits. Enjoy excellent taxes. Discover our properties for investment in Northern Cyprus.

Why offer Cyprus for investment?

Purchase and lease

Renting is also a very attractive option when buying a property in Northern Cyprus. After purchasing the desired residential unit and obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus, you can mortgage or rent the desired unit. Whichever situation you decide is best for you, get a regular income with minimal risk. With assets starting at 45 45,000 at the beach resorts, you can buy overseas property much easier than you thought. Now take a look at our villas and apartments for sale in Northern Cyprus.
“Long-term purchase to repay at least 9% return”

Why offer Cyprus for investment?Tourism in TRNC

The Mediterranean climate is warm and sunny, with an average temperature of 20 degrees in mid-April to October. Also, the ideal climate guarantees its unique beauty and the rich culture of a truly unique destination. Stunning mountain ranges, lovely beaches, views of the Mediterranean Sea from almost every landscape in Northern Cyprus. With the political developments in Northern Cyprus and the expectation that direct flights to Arjan International Airport will start soon, tourism is on the rise. In addition, new leisure facilities such as the standard Korineum Golf Course near Esentepe and adjacent to Port Cyprium Marina have boosted the area’s markets.

Why offer Cyprus for investment?

Economy of Northern Cyprus

The European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and other international organizations have recognized the economic stability of Northern Cyprus. Tourism has played a major role in the economy and has overcome the political instability of the region. The textile, service and oil industries are booming. Foreign investors can benefit from the country’s financial and tax incentives.
“Low tax” = “New emerging industries”

The last word

I, Mehdi Asadinejad, Managing Director and Investment and Immigration Advisor of MAN-investment Ltd in Northern Cyprus, with many years of life and economic activity in this country, recommend you to invest in this beautiful island. Due to the excessive increase in the exchange rate in the country and the tightening of immigration conditions, as well as possible changes in the residence laws of this country, hurry to make your choice.

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