Space planning is an inherently complex process

It is an inherently complex process. For this reason, a series of planning exercises, starting with very small spaces and buildings to large space with more complex program requirements, are provided as the primary techniques, and recommended reading and reference sources are included.
The space planning process being when a person, or a group of people, decide to put a building, or a portion of a building, to a new practical use. This may include running the gamut from small residential or working space to vast, complex business and institutional facilities. Except in the simplest space, a small apartment or office, making efficient and functionally satisfying use of most building users. This is when and why a space planning specialist, an interior designer or an architect, is called to solve the problem.
Planning Methodology
Planning methodology is a phrase used to describe the phase of the space planning process that beings when the planning problem is presented to the planner (with or without program). It ends when physical planning starts, usually with bubble diagrams or block plans. In some professional circles, this is called the pre-design process-meaning all necessary steps of data gathering, research, analysis, and interpretation before actual planning. For many in the design fields, “planning methodology” and programming are synonymous. However, some would argue that the charting and diagramming describe as part of planning methodology fall outside the bounds of programming.
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