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Home Entrance

When we have a guest while family members are not present, Or when the child of the family forgets to bring the key with him/her on the way out and she/he will return home soon after school, there is nothing to worry about. We can easily open the door from our work place for them. Even if the postman or utilities officer rings the doorbell, you are informed of that person’s presence and you can easily identify them by the camera outside the house and pressing a button on your phone or computer then open the door and make sure they exit after finishing their work.

When you are leaving the house you don’t have to think about: whether I turned off the lights in the rooms, did I unplug the iron, did I turn off the tea maker, did I turn off the air conditioner in the rooms, did I take the house key with me, did I turn off the TV, did I close the stove valve, etc. All of this will only be done by pressing the exit button on your phone or LCD installed next to the door and even the voice assistant system.

After opening the door by digital lock password, the home entry scenario is automatically implemented and by implementing this scenario, the anti-theft system is disabled and all the other essentials return to normal. Turning off and on the required power sockets is adjusted according to the homeowner’s taste.


Usually, after waking up in a pleasant morning, the first thing to do is to turn on the kitchen light and the electric kettle. After a few minutes, the toaster is turned on to prepare for the heating of the bread. This is part of the morning scenario of our smart home that comes to our help in time management.

We are always concerned that our playful and curious child will open the stove valve or we are worried about leaking the sewage pipe under the sink or leaking from the roof of the neighbor’s water pipe from the top floor so when we are not at home or traveling for a long time, the whole house will be immersed in water.

What is the need for microwaves, teamakers, coffee makers, electric ovens, washing machines and dishwashers, decorative cabinet lights to be connected to electricity when we don’t need them?

Regardless of their depreciation due to constantly staying on, their surplus electricity consumption will cost us money overhead. For example, when the sleep scenario is implemented or the scenario of leaving the house, it is better to separate the equipment from the electricity due to safety reasons or electrical fluctuations that cause damage to the electronic circuitry in the equipment.

Living Room

Relaxing music while we are studying, music as morning awakening alarms, energizing music while exercising and dancing or even playing the best quality sound while we are watching a movie or sports competition, is provided only by a high-quality and smart sound system, and should also be so easily accessible through our mobile devices or wall display and start playing only by a touch.

If we want to watch TV, it is possible by just pressing a button and control all the objects around us. The curtains will be closed and the lights will be turned off so that the TV screen become more clear. TV and video player will be  turned on automatically. The sound system will be connected to the TV and the movie will be started with the highest quality sound.

If the film is exciting or you are busy with computer games, the film’s excitement multiplies by creating a light dance and producing 16 million colors in the environment. We might want to have a memorable dinner so will set the best color for the environment by a touch through our devices so that everything is ready for a dream environment at home.


Setting the desired temperature of the family in the main room and each of the sub-rooms while they are reaching home a few minutes before or setting it up for plants and pets while we are traveling has only made possible by a smart system. If smoke is created in the house space, for example, by burning an electronic device when we are not at home or cooking while the lady is not at home, some alarms have been created and measures to help. Such as lighting the hood and ventilator, warning the apartment guard, creating sound alarms, closing the stove valve, cutting off all unnecessary sockets and lighting, sending messages to all residents The house and, etc.

Irrigation of plants by pumping from a special water container, activating pet food machine, turning on the air pump and feeding fish and lighting aquarium plants, opening the curtain in the day and closing it at night for exposure of household plants, all at the specified hour and day of the week are among the things that usually concern a traveler from the conditions of his home.

Relaxation in a smart home peaks when even for commands, there is no need to touch the phone and only with voice commands like a master, orders are done.


While we are in a sweet sleep, we wake up with the sound of a relaxing music. The voice assistant tells us good morning. The curtain of the room opens to give us the sunlight of the beginning of another day. The sleep light goes off and the morning scenario  begin which includes facilities in the kitchen.

Usually, during a spring or autumn night, it is difficult to control the temperature of the working room and involves spending a lot of energy so that everything is desirable and the family’s health is not compromised. the optimal temperature that the smart system provides depend on the temperature outside the home and also the control of the heating or cooling system, curtain control, bed heater, etc.

We returned home from a night party in winter or a hot summer picnic or a long trip. Naturally, due to energy savings and costs, all heating and cooling systems have been turned off by implementing the exit scenario. Before you get home, just run “the bedroom preparation scenario” so that the bathtub gets ready with warm water and everything is ready for an ideal break.

Night light

At night, by implementing the sleep scenario, all unnecessary equipment at home will be unplugged from the electricity. The bedroom and living room curtain will be opened. The heating and cooling system is adjusted according to the ambient temperature outside the home. The lights in the house are turned off and only the led lights of the bathroom and kitchen are on with a very gentle light. The anti-theft system starts working.

If the bedroom environment is set with gentle light and a favorite color, it can help a lot in a comfortable sleep. Or, if we’re used to read before bed, it automatically adjusts the sleep scenario according to the time of the reading before bedtime.

If the lights can be controlled in the room by measuring the ambient light, we have significantly saved energy and cost. This is the smart system’s responsibility that gives us the best savings by managing the curtain and the room’s ambient light sensor.


In houses where the electric water heating system is installed, the heater must be turned on a few hours before using the hot water. If the heater is constantly operating as a thermostat, a lot of energy is expended to keep the water at the desired bath and wash temperature when we are traveling or outside the house. In the smart system, we set the desired bath time, which is usually in the morning, to Automatically wake up the heater one hour before the alarm. You can also turn on the heater at any time by touching the screen of the phone or the screen or even the voice assistant.

During the exit scenario, the best way to keep the house safe from installation problems is to cut off the water entering the apartment with a solenoid valve and cut off the heater so that both less energy is consumed and the house is safe.

If for any reason there is a leak in the water system, the sensor will act and inform the residents and the guard of the apartment, and also the water inlet block of the apartment will be closed and the electricity of the sanitary part of the building will be cut off.


In areas where there is a shortage of water or a lack of pressure, one of the things that disturbs the peace of a house is the water cut or the failure of the water supply system. If we always see the water level of the storage source on our phone screen, we determine better consumption management for family members, or we can turn on the pump to fill the storage source at certain times to reduce energy consumption and pump consumption.

The best way to use a solar heating system is to ensure the temperature of the hot water storage tank. In winter, with the help of an auxiliary heater, and in summer, often in the form of solar, the water is bathed at the desired temperature. The desired temperature and the temperature of the outside environment are adjusted. The only advantage of this system is the prevention of excessive energy costs due to forgetting to turn off the heater.

The indoor heating and cooling system is also intelligently timed by detecting the outside ambient temperature. Suppose that if the temperature outside the house is far from the desired indoor temperature, the intelligent system in the morning scenario or preparation for entering the house, turns on the equipment sooner, or in the morning scenario, the water heater operates sooner.

Example of control dashboard on mobile and tablet

Sample project plan and facilities

Examine the sample project scenario

This map is a three bedroom apartment that includes, kitchen, two bathrooms, living room, dining room and three bedrooms. The smart equipment of this house with medium facilities is considered.

To log in, first enter the password or fingerprint of the person defined in the system into the digital lock screen of the main door. After confirmation and entry, the entry scenario, which includes turning on the main hall lights, turning off the anti-theft system (door and window sensors, human presence sensor, alarm) and kitchen water leak sensor, electrical connection of all sockets (except refrigerator) , Lighting the split of the hall, which adjusts the best temperature according to the internal temperature and humidity sensor, is performed.

In the sleep scenario, after touching the phone or the screen mounted on the wall, first the colored light of the hall with very low light is set to the desired color, the anti-theft sensors of the windows and doors are turned on, all lights are turned off , The reading light inside the bedrooms is turned on, the audio and video system including TV and the receiver and DVD player of the main hall is turned off, the water leak sensor is turned on, the air conditioner of the hall is in low mode and the air conditioner of the bedrooms is turned on.

In the morning scenario, the bedside lamps are turned off, the curtains of the living room and bedrooms are opened, the living room lights are turned on as much as needed according to the amount of sunlight, the electric kettle is turned on to provide boiling water, the bread tester is turned on, the TV And the receiver of the bedrooms or the main hall is turned on and set on the desired channel for playing music or morning exercise, the door and window sensors and water leakage are turned off, the air conditioner in rooms are turned off and the air conditioner of the hall and electric water heater wake up one hour before the alarm It turns on.

Apart from defining dozens of different scenarios that are programmed according to the tastes and needs of the residents, all the equipment is also separate, by touching the phone from inside and outside the house or touching the screen mounted on the wall and also controlling Alexa voice assistant Or Google Home, can be controlled.

The smoke sensor is always active due to safety, and in case of smoke, the ventilator is on and the alarm is active, and residents and guards are informed. Irrigation of plants on the terrace is done according to the weekly schedule. The media, temperature, light and curtains of each room can be adjusted according to the resident’s taste and can be controlled from that person’s phone at the same time.

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