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Investment conditions in Northern Cyprus

Investment conditions in Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus are quite different. For many people intending to immigrate to Northern Cyprus, the question is whether obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus will lead to immigration and obtaining a European passport. In a separate video, I, Mehdi Asadinejad, explained this important question and all its points, which will soon be posted on the website and Instagram page of “I Investment” company. In this article, we will examine the investment conditions in Cyprus and its main points.

Investing in Cyprus and the conditions for obtaining residency and citizenship in Northern Cyprus through investment in this article is scientifically analyzed. How is investing in Cyprus possible? Is it possible to get a passport in Cyprus and travel easily to all European countries and the United States by investing in Cyprus? What is the risk of investing in Cyprus? In this article, I will answer these and other questions about investing in Cyprus and obtaining Cyprus residency through investment, and I will explain the most important and main points about it. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. The country is divided into northern and southern parts. The northern part is Turkish and the southern part is Greek, and only southern Cyprus is a member of the European Union.

Investment in Cyprus

People who are interested in investing in Northern Cyprus should pay special attention to the following points that I have addressed in this article:

Investment in Cyprus and general conditions of investment in Cyprus

Investing in Cyprus and influential economic components

Invest in Cyprus by buying a property in Cyprus

Invest in Cyprus by registering a Cyprus company


Investment in Cyprus Cyprus is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and is divided into northern and southern parts. The country covers an area of ​​251.9 km and has a population of 166,141.1. Note that the southern part of Cyprus is a member of the European Union, but the northern part of Cyprus is not a member of the European Union and the Turkish part is recognized. We offer to invest in the northern part of Cyprus because it has many benefits for Iranians. The cost of obtaining a residence permit in this country is much lower and the duration of obtaining a permanent residence permit by investing in the housing sector is 25 working days, which seems to be a very ideal situation compared to other countries.

It is worth mentioning that due to the conflicts between the southern and northern parts, their membership status in the European Union and the Schengen area is associated with problems. Southern Cyprus is a member of the European Union but has not yet agreed to join the Schengen Agreement, which means that having a residence card in Southern Cyprus does not make it easy to travel to Schengen countries and you must obtain a passport.

Investment in Cyprus

Investment in Northern Cyprus and investment standards

One of the important points that should be considered in investment is the security of the investor’s capital in the selected country. Northern Cyprus has grown significantly in recent years and investors are keen to invest in the country. Most foreign investors are from non-European countries who have been willing to invest in the country’s real estate sector. With the increase in foreign investors and the creation of economic activities, including construction, the unemployment rate in the country has decreased.

Investment standards are very important in investment processes, because these standards examine the conditions and security of the investor and his capital. For example, one of these investment standards, called Expropriation risk, shows how the country’s judicial system and the law on confiscation of property deal with foreign investors. (Expropriation risk) The risk of confiscation of property or expropriation, which indicates a violation of the investment agreement by the government of the country.

Investment in Cyprus

Investing in Cyprus and influential economic components

Investing in Cyprus requires examining its economic indicators to show us the profitability and rate of return on investment in that country. In this section, we focus on influential indicators such as GDP, unemployment rate, taxes in Cyprus.

Investment in Cyprus

GDP in Cyprus:

GDP is one of the important indicators in the selected country. The higher the GDP rate, the higher the sales in that country. The following chart shows the gross domestic product of Cyprus in 2017:

Investment in Cyprus

In this chart, you can see the annual GDP growth rate of Cyprus compared to the previous year: Taxes in Cyprus: One of the most important indicators of foreign investment is the tax in that country. There are several types of taxes in each country, including income tax, value added tax, capital tax, and so on. The chart below shows the tax rate for the years 2010 to 2018:

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