Building Maintenance in Northern Cyprus

Building maintenance is a process that ensures your buildings that are part of your capital assets look good; Long-term maintenance matters make buildings work efficiently.
Improper maintenance of the building can lead to decay, destruction and reduced performance of some parts. Also, over time, the dilapidated building will not be as healthy as it was on the first day. Undoubtedly, dilapidated buildings threaten the security of all the people who live in it. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, every home still needs maintenance. Now, when we say repair and maintenance of real estate, it means observing the points about home appliances such as doors and walls, flooring and cooling and heating appliances, facades, installations and plumbing systems, electrical systems of buildings, etc. It is necessary for you to take care of all factors above.

General and major repairs are as follows:
1- Repairings related to the original building such as walls, doors and windows, roof, yard, backyard and…
2- Repairings related to facilities such as air conditioners, boilers, water heaters, engine rooms, packages, ventilation and…
3- Repairings related to water, gas, sewage piping
4- Electrical wiring
5- Elevator repairs
6- Electrical repairs in the parking lot
7- Painting the building

Minor repairs are as follows:
1-Replacing faucet washers
2- Replacing burnt lights And broken
3-Case repair of locks in
4- Installation of door and window grilles
5-Repairing of ventilation services
6- Case repairing of switches and sockets

Periodic inspection programs should be organized to make maintenance plans more effective. At the most basic level, this program includes daily activities and gradually moves to daily, monthly, 6-month, annual, four-year, and so on.

Building maintenance is classified as follows:
1- Scheduled maintenance: Programs that are regularly adjusted
2- Preventive maintenance: These are programs that are performed to prevent further damage to the building, such as replacing tiles. Or repairing the roof covering
3- Repair maintenance: such as replacing broken building glass
4- Pre-wear maintenance: involves preserving things that are still in use.
5- Active repairs and maintenance: such as cleaning parts of the house and removing dust and pollution.

Concluding remarks
A building maintenance unit manages all systems, repairs, and ongoing work to ensure the health of the facility on a daily basis. This is mandatory for all buildings and prevents the building from deteriorating and causing further damage in the long run. Contact us to prepare your tours and tourism packages

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