Landscape Architecture

One of the most attractive features of all works of Islamic architecture is their focus on closed space, inside as opposed to outside, the general view of the building and its exterior.

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Of course, a common and generally known attitude is the Muslim home. Organized in the inner courtyard, long windowless walls interrupted only by a low door present to the outside world. Often several houses are gathered in a larger walled complex that is accessible only through a small, small door, which leads to an internal passage through which individual houses can be accessed. These houses, and in some cases even large building complexes, have a special appearance to the traditional Muslim city, which still remains in many examples of old city centers.

Landscape Architecture

Indifference to the external appearance of a structure is often extreme and sometimes in a huge building like the Jamaat Mosque. Most of them are completely hidden by being surrounded by nearby outbuildings. This “hiding” of the original monuments is accompanied by the absence of external indications of a building’s form, size, function or meaning. Even if a structure has a visible facade or doorway, these features tell us little about the building behind it. In other words, it rarely gives a clear view of the internal organization or purpose of the building in question. It is also rare to understand an Islamic architecture or even recognize its main features from its exterior.

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