Methods of transferring money to Northern Cyprus

If you buy property, and have digital currencies, you can pay by Bitcoin and Tether, and this is done by deducting wages. In the next methods, the remittance is transferred through valid exchange offices. In this method, a fee is charged from the buyer for the remittance transfer and the desired amount is transferred to the seller’s account within a few hours to a few days. For customers with passports of other countries that do not have restrictions on the transfer of interbank accounts, money transfer is easy. The third methods is money transfer through westering branches and in countries that have these branches, the desired amount can be transferred between interbank accounts. This method is also subject to commission deduction.

Try not to bring more than the allowed amount of cash, The first reason can be its transportation, which may be in terms of security and loss, and the second one is due to the banknotes , you receive in the country of origin, because if the banknote suffers the slightest damage it may not be accepted in the destination country, and if possible, change your amount in the country of origin, but do not carry cash with yourself because, if you try to convert your money at the airport or in the markets, you may be charged a higher fee.

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