Ercan International Airport

The main city airport of the unrecognized Republic of Northern Cyprus is located 13 kilometers north of Nicosia. All international flights to this airport have been banned and only non-stop flights to Ercan airport are from Turkey. Other international flights first stop at Turkish airports and then fly to Arjan airport. The flights of this airport are from/to cities like Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya.

Tourist countries such as Cyprus, especially in the airport area, are going through busy days and the trend of this crowding will increase. One of the most important and busy airports in Cyprus is Ercan International Airport. According to the official statistics published by this airport, 100 flights are made to this airport every day.

The newly established terminal of Arjan Airport was put into operation in 2004 under the name “Gateway of North Cyprus”, and in fact, it is the main transit point for thousands of tourists and foreign travelers to North Cyprus. The remarkable thing about the new terminal is that despite the main and single building, all arrivals and departures are done through different halls.

This airport is considered a modern airport in terms of having various facilities. In this regard, in the latest renovation, in addition to the previous runway, a new paved runway with a length of 1,800 meters has been added to the complex. Also, the airport control tower is equipped with advanced computer systems for air traffic control. Among other comfort facilities of this airport, we can mention 24-hour cafes and restaurants, shops and special facilities for disabled passengers. Currently, this terminal does not have a VIP lounge or conference room. It also has an open parking lot with a capacity of 800 cars.

Where can you have direct flights from Arjan airport?

You can find flights to major cities in Turkey with scheduled flights based on the season. You can have direct flights from Arjan Airport.




Adana, Trabzon, Bursa

Hatay, Gaziantep, Antalya Airlines that fly to Arjan Airport

Turkish Airlines



Apart from the airlines that operate the above scheduled flights, the airlines also have charter (non-scheduled) flights. Like Corendon, Freebird and Tailwind.

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